With the coming shift from fall weather to winter driving, we recommend drivers around Wytheville, VA to make sure their car, SUV or truck is ready. Road and weather conditions become much harsher once the cold season rolls in, so you'll want to prepare your vehicle for these changes. Our service technicians at Johnson Family Chevrolet are ready to help.

Oil and Filter Changes

An oil and filter change ranks as the most basic routine service a driver may request. Besides requesting fresh motor oil, you might want motor oil specifically designed for colder weather. Putting the appropriate oil into the engine is a good way to ensure your ride's performance doesn't suffer.

Tire Checks

We always advise our Mt. Airy, NC customers to take care of any low tire pressure warning. We can make sure the tires are ready for the new season and have safe pressure levels. Cold weather can reduce tire pressure even when the tire is in decent shape. Tire checks and inspections are a great opportunity to also rotate your tires and check your alignment to further prepare you for winter.

Battery Checks

Cold weather can also cause problems with car batteries. Our technicians can check the battery's condition and its connections. They can also clean the battery's contacts to ensure it can last as long as possible, but they may recommend replacing the battery, depending on its condition.

Heated Seat Inspections

Driving with heated seats and steering wheels is an almost necessary comfort during the colder months. We can inspect these features to make sure you can rely on them all winter long.

Coolant and Fluids

Changing the coolant and other fluids can prevent serious problems on the road. Coolant and other fluids only last so long, as they eventually break down or leak out. Despite the name, coolant not only keeps your engine cool during the summer, but also helps regulate its temperature during the colder months.

Feel free to schedule service with us at Johnson Family Chevrolet to prepare your Mt. Airy, NC ride for winter! We're proud to offer a variety of specials on various parts and services, so be sure to check those out, too.

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